Bryan K. Alfaro

I am an Eastern Michigan University graduate student and the former editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper The Eastern Echo, in the city of Ypsilanti. I am a firm believer in thoroughly researching stories to offer balanced reporting of events, while generating engaging articles that provide relevant information to the public.

I find journalism to be an exciting vocation that allows writers to meet and speak with many different types of people, of extremely varied backgrounds, from city officials to small business owners. As well as being afforded the unique opportunity of researching a myriad of topics during the writing process, in effect learning a little bit about many different subjects.

The fourth estate is a crucial foundation for a healthy democracy; it provides a public arena for the expression of varying opinions and ideas, which informs and stimulates public discourse. Journalists also have an important role to fulfill as the watchdogs of those in power, both to praise and censure those deserving.

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Bryan K. Alfaro

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